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Vision & Mision

The Vision of the Turonggo Karya ¡s to be an integrated, world-class energy enterprise that ¡s active ¡n coal mining, coal concession development, coal trading and shipping.We strive to be one of the most profitable international energy companies in Indonesia..


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Coal Mining and Trading, Provide direct sourcing with makes Joint Operation with reputable KP, Producers’ assessment and report findings, Assist price negotiation for clients, Continues activity in expanding sourcing portfolio..


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The Turonggo Karya plans to increase its value by

Effectively managing business risk

Being aggressive in the market place

Maximizing efficiency at the mine sites

Actively seeking new coal..


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Welcome to the official website PT Turonggo Karya


PT. Turonggo Karya (TUKA) was established in Yogyakarta under Notary Act of NinI Jahara, 5H No. 4, dated 24 November 2006. TUKA commenced coal mining and trading in Banjarmasin in 2007. It marketed coal on-selling to domestic and overseas customers

Within several years of its business operation, TUKA has seen an aggresive growth as a result of its significants breaktroughs, making it a notable player for its rival companies in coal mining industry in Indonesia.



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